Mr. Therrien Web Sites for researching Car Info for the Yellow Light Problem

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For newer cars, pick oldest year possible to get specifications.... gives road test numbers

Car Stats great for accel

Gives 0 to 60 acceleration
Carpoint Used car site.... go to test drives or reviews, or use menu on left to pull down to model...
Gives 0 to 60 acceleration, and 60-0 braking...

Autotrader decision guide, use pulldown menus to select model (goes back to 1990)
no data on acceleration or braking for some cars
Pull down menu on left to select manufacturer, and maybe there is a review of your car, with road test data research and reviews.... select make, model year, then read through reviews, go to model report for your car;slp
Kelly Blue Book Reviews

New Car Test Drive
Autosite, for newer cars, has everything! select make, model, then go to performance data for acceleration and braking from different years.
For newer cars, pick oldest year possible to get specifications.... gives road test numbers
looksmart car reviews and roadtests

Auto Center
Comprehensive resource for buying new and used cars and trucks. Find auto dealerships, locate models and shop for car insurance.

Best Performance Automobiles
Edmund's presents transmission, acceleration, braking and road test data for top-performing cars and trucks.

J. D. Power and Associates
International marketing information firm details customer satisfaction, and gives best-of-class awards to various vehicles.

Motorweek Online
PBS series presents a Web version of its new car reviews, tech tips and road tests. Featuring program schedule, archives and video information.

AuHo AutoInfo
Provides extensive information about a large variety of makes and models. Read reviews and locate resources on the Internet.

Auto Channel - New Car Reviews
Compiles new car reviews from 1993 to the present from various sources, including newspapers, web sites and automotive magazines.

Auto World Weekly
Automobile enthusiasts can look through road tests, daily news, an auto glossary, forums and car-pricing resources. - News and Reviews
Find an informative collection of car reviews and news from the Detroit Free Press.

Autolink UK
Provides buying guides for European makes including Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Jaguar and Volkswagon. Download some car diagnostic software.

Automotive Cars
Provides a guide to buying a new or used car, finding accessories and travel options. Find out about auto magazines, insurance and loans.

Car Place
Vehicles of all types reviewed here weekly. Features crash test results, death rates and customer rankings.

Car Talk
Find out where to hear the Car Talk radio show or check out the service bulletin, data about recalls and crash tests, and free classifieds.

Consumer Reports - Cars & Trucks
Adjunct to the well-regarded magazine furnishes their data for new and used cars. Compare and contrast various makes.

Fuel Economy Guide
Find the gas mileage of current-model cars, and learn the importance of fuel economy. Provided by the US Dept. of Energy and the EPA.

Kiplinger's New Cars & Trucks - Test Drives
Provides information about what to look for when taking that potential purchase on a test drive.

Machine Design - 1999 GMC Yukon Denali
Browse this review of GMC's more luxurious full-size SUV. After reading over the specs, find out what the name Denali means.

Machine Design - GM Suburban, Holding Onto Tradition
Follow along on a test drive of Chevy's extra-large SUV. Article includes vehicle specs and dealer options.

New Car Test Drive
Access indexes of test drive reviews, sorted by year, and get a sneak preview of next year's models. Meet the drivers, or order the magazine.

Steven's Car Survey
Invites users to submit reviews of their cars. Search through different makes and models to see what owners have to say.
Read what other drivers think about select cars, motorcycles, RVs, accessories and dealers. Submit a vehicle review or join a discussion forum.

Wall Street Web - Wall Street Auto Review
Find automotive reviews, owner commentary, road trip suggestions, message boards and news.

Women and Cars - WebCar Woman
Woman with 19 years experience in various parts of the automotive industry reviews new cars.